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We believe every customer interaction with your brand shapes their perception and loyalty. Our Customer Experience (CX) service dives deep into these interactions, from the initial brand discovery to post-purchase support. We meticulously analyse and enhance each touchpoint, ensuring a seamless, memorable experience for your clientele. Investing in CX will give you a comprehensive assessment and strategic roadmap tailored to your brand, and witness increased customer loyalty and engagement.

This is where our business mantra evolves: create a comprehensive customer experience across all touchpoints.
It's beneficial for companies that:
— Undergoing Digital Transformation
— Undergoing Mergers & Acquisitions
— Launching new Products/Services
— Adopting Green and Eco-Friendly Initiatives
— Expanding into New Markets
— Rolling out Loyalty Programs
— Prioritising Accessibility and Inclusivity
— Experiencing Stagnated Growth
— Receiving Lower Satisfaction Scores
— Building Resilience in Operations

Why Customer Experience is essential for your business

Customer Experience (CX) encompasses more than mere transactional interactions—every interaction with a brand crafts a nuanced story that profoundly influences a customer's perception. The essence of a brand is intertwined with the holistic journey and the narratives that emerge from it. A single misstep might eclipse numerous positive interactions, but adeptly navigating challenges reinforces trust and loyalty. The strength of CX lies in fostering profound emotional bonds that extend beyond transactions, turning sporadic buyers into passionate brand champions.

Consistent, positive CX offers more than fleeting memories; it delivers crucial insights. By deciphering customer preferences and obstacles, businesses can refine their strategies to meet ever-changing consumer demands. A well-curated customer experience becomes a beacon in a world teeming with options, setting brands apart. Elevating CX is crucial to fostering growth, establishing differentiation, and cementing enduring brand equity.

ettyq method

Fundamental digital transformations
Led by design thinking
Product first approach
Creativity + technical expertise + focus on business outcomes


Our process is structured into distinct stages, guaranteeing your involvement at every step of the way


Discovery & Insight Gathering

Dive deep into the brand's ethos and values while mapping out the existing customer's journey. Assess the challenges, from technical issues to messaging inconsistencies, to grasp the current state of the customer experience.

From the initial phase, we engage our DSA team to address complex challenges upfront. The findings from this stage are meticulously documented through stakeholder interviews, customer journey maps, and reports highlighting customer feedback and pain points.

Ideation & Problem Solving

When we're turning ideas into solutions, we take everything we've learned and get creative with it. We brainstorm as a team to tackle challenges directly. We mix design ideas with problem-solving to come up with solutions that are all about the user but also look at the bigger picture. This step gives us solid plans, sketches of ideas, and early designs that highlight how we've tackled challenges.

By doing all this, we set the stage for a smooth and exciting customer experience, based on smart problem-solving and forward-thinking.

Design & Touchpoint Crafting

Ideas evolve into tangible designs in this phase. The design process ensures every digital, physical, or auditory interaction resonates with the brand voice and addresses the customer's needs. The end goal is to create experiences that are both seamless and impactful. Outcomes from this stage include high-fidelity designs,  prototypes, and detailed guidelines.

User Testing & Validation

Here, real-world validation comes into play. The designed experiences are exposed to real users, facilitating a clear assessment of their effectiveness. Observations made during these interactions are invaluable, enabling further refinements and ensuring the final product meets user expectations. Comprehensive user testing reports, heatmaps, and a list of design refinements form the core deliverables of this phase.

Implementation & Launch

The transition from design to reality occurs here. Efforts are dedicated to integrating every touchpoint seamlessly, ensuring no compromise on design fidelity or functionality. Once ready, the experiences are launched, beginning a new customer journey. The key takeaways from this stage include integrated designs, user-centric onboarding guides, and post-launch reports that keep an eye on areas needing attention.

    Continuous Improvements

    In the world of customer experience, things change fast. Instead of making significant changes now and then, we always believe in making small ones. We keep an eye on what users want,  their feedback, new tech trends, and changes in the market.

    This way, we ensure what we offer matches what people are looking for today, helping build a solid and lasting bond between the brand and its users.

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    We believe every customer interaction with your brand shapes their perception and loyalty. Our Customer Experience (CX) service dives deep into these interactions, from the initial brand discovery to post-purchase support.
    Discovery & Insights report (pdf)
    Customer Journey Map (pdf)
    Touchpoint Analysis (pdf)
    Proposed Solutions (pdfs)
    Physical and Digital Assets, if applicable (Figma, Ai)
    Implementation Plan (Figma + pdf)
    Metrics map, if applicable (sheets)

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    Discovery Meeting

    We'll arrange a meeting to detail objectives, timelines, and key deliverables. We set the roadmap together.

    Proposal & Discussion

    We'll provide a tailored proposal detailing our vision to tackle the project, its scope, timeline, and cost.


    Once agreed upon, we will meet for a kick-off workshop to start this journey.

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    European Agency of the Year


    What are the touchpoints across the customer journey you evaluate?
    We go through all stages of the customer funnel to find all problems and obstacles that need to be addressed:

    01 Awareness Phase:
    — Advertisements:
    How are customers reacting to brand advertisements? What is the sentiment around them?
    Social Media: How is the brand perceived on social platforms? How does the brand handle both praise and criticism?
    Word-of-Mouth: What are people saying about the brand organically? Are there more recommendations or warnings?

    02 Consideration Phase:
    — Digital products:
    How intuitive and user-friendly are the brand's digital platforms or applications? Are users encountering any difficulties or frustrations during their interaction?
    Reviews & Testimonials: How balanced are the reviews? How does the brand address both positive feedback and criticisms?

    03 Purchase Phase:
    — Online Store/Physical Store:
    Are customers satisfied with their purchase process? Are there challenges they face, like payment issues or stock unavailability?
    Sales Interactions: How smooth is the interaction with sales representatives? Are there any high-pressure tactics that customers dislike?

    04 Post-Purchase/Retention Phase:
    — Product/Service Onboarding: Are customers feeling well-informed post-purchase? Are they facing challenges understanding the product or service?
    Customer Support: How effective is the support in resolving issues? Are there recurring complaints about the support process?
    Feedback Mechanisms: Is feedback being collected post-purchase? How is this feedback being acted upon?

    05 Advocacy Phase:
    — Loyalty Programs:
    Are customers finding value in loyalty programs? Are there criticisms about its structure or rewards?
    Referral Programs: Are customers willingly referring the brand to others? If not, why?

    06 Exit/Churn Phase:
    — Cancellation Process: Why are customers leaving? How is the brand addressing these reasons?
    Exit Surveys: Are departing customers providing feedback? How is this feedback being utilised for improvements?

    07 Brand's Response to Dissatisfaction:
    — Issue Resolution: How quickly and effectively does the brand address customer complaints?
    Compensations: Does the brand offer compensations, refunds, or other means to make amends after mishaps?
    Transparency: How open is the brand about mistakes, and what measures are they taking to rectify them?
    How does the Customer Experience service align with our brand's current marketing strategy?
    Our priority is to align Customer Experience (CX) with your existing marketing strategy. Recognising the time, effort, and resources you've already invested, our primary objective is to build upon, rather than replace, what has been established. By leveraging a comprehensive assessment process, we identify the strengths of your current strategy and work to amplify them.

    Simultaneously, we look for opportunities to introduce CX enhancements that harmonise with and elevate these existing elements. Our approach is akin to adding layers to a foundation, ensuring that every new addition complements and strengthens the underlying structure. This way, the integrity of your past efforts remains intact, and your brand's narrative evolves coherently and enriched.
    How do you handle negative feedback or customer dissatisfaction?
    Negative feedback, while challenging, provides invaluable insights. We view it as an opportunity for growth. Our approach involves root cause analysis to understand the core issues, after which we devise strategies to address them, ensuring they're less likely to recur.
    Can our legacy systems be integrated into the new CX strategies, or will they require a complete overhaul?
    We aim to integrate and build upon existing legacy systems to optimise investment and minimise disruption wherever possible. We suggest an overhaul only in instances where they pose limitations to CX enhancement.

    If any development needed, we'll be happy to involve our development team from DataArt to tackle the task.
    How does your agency ensure consistency and harmony in brand experiences offline and online, and what methods and strategies do you use to address potential discrepancies?
    We use particular techniques to find the balance between online and offline and bring consistency:

    — Unified Brand Voice:
    The core brand essence is at the heart of our strategy. Regardless of the platform, we ensure this essence permeates, ensuring a recognisable and consistent brand voice.

    Symbiotic Relationship: Instead of viewing online and offline as competing entities, we see them as complementary. A well-designed online platform can act as a discovery point, nudging users to explore in-store, thereby creating a holistic brand journey.

    Consolidated Feedback Mechanism: Customer feedback, whether from an online platform or in-store experience, is invaluable. We employ a consolidated approach to feedback, treating differences as opportunities to bridge any experiential gaps.

    — Staff Alignment: Any transformation or integration would fall flat without the on-ground staff being in sync. We can help you with guidelines, ensuring your team is equipped to deliver this enhanced, integrated experience.

    What our clients say

    “Engaging with ettyq was a game-changer for us. The attention to detail and creative approach elevated our brand's essence. I can confidently say their work is nothing short of brilliant!”
    Sarang Rao
    Principal at Gulfstream Partners
    “ettyq was more than just a vendor for us; they have been a true partner in our business. Their design strategy was deeply integrated into all our operations and was crucial in driving our growth.”
    Rebecca Martinez
    CMO at Sure Inc.
    “Post-acquisition, ettyq played a pivotal role in our transformative phase. Their insights and expertise helped us formulate and articulate our brand narrative. The resulting design and strategic direction are deeply aligned with our new vision. I'm truly grateful we discovered and collaborated with ettyq.”
    Liam Thompson
    Founder & CMO at INFORMED

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