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By combining strategic value offering, customer-centricity, and design thinking, we sculpt a complete customer experience across all touchpoints to boost engagement, foster brand loyalty, and escalate growth and transformation.
It's beneficial for companies that:
— Expanding to New Geographies
— In the transition to marketing-driven sales
— Undergoing Digital Transformation
— Undergoing Mergers & Acquisitions
— Looking to Improve Employee Experience
— Pursuing Sustainability Goals
— Shifting to a Direct-to-Consumer Model
— Scaling after achieving product/market fit
— In Crisis Management
— Launching new Products/Services

Why Brand Strategy Service is essential for business

The more an industry grows, the more brand strategy matters. While many companies chase fleeting fads, a solid design-driven approach offers lasting value. As a top brand strategy agency from London, we help you lead, not just follow trends. We balance today's needs and tomorrow's aspirations.

In the long run, it's not about being the best — it's about being different, seen and consistent to be chosen time and again by discerning customers. A clear brand strategy strengthens your brand and builds trust. It's more than just looks — it boosts customer engagement, identifies you as a leader, and drives growth.

ettyq method

Fundamental digital transformations
Led by design thinking
Product first approach
Creativity + technical expertise + focus on business outcomes

Digital Transformation Process

Our process unfolds in transparent stages, keeping you involved at every step.


Discovery and Research

The process begins with an in-depth understanding of your business, its goals, challenges, and your market. We delve into your customer profiles, behaviours, needs, and pain points. This stage involves data collection, market research, and interviews with stakeholders.
ettyq management

Strategy Development

We conduct a series of strategic workshops to address key questions:

— What you've done before
— Who do you aim to compete with
— Who your ideal client is
— The value you want to deliver
— How you can deliver it.

Typically, it takes 5-7 workshops to answer these essential questions and lay the foundation for a robust brand strategy. We keep these sessions concise and productive, building a solid strategy without wasting your time or resources.

And yes, we avoid cliché questions like 'What car do you associate yourself with.'

Brand and Digital vision development

Harmonising your brand strategy and market landscape, we create a unified, impactful brand narrative and identity across all platforms and surfaces that resonates with your audience and amplifies your market presence.

Design and Prototyping

With the strategy solidified, we move towards creating and refining the design elements for both your brand experience and digital presence. Our product-centric approach includes a short feedback loop, transparent communication and an iterative and incremental process of continuous improvement.


We roll out the new brand elements and digital designs. This includes implementing new branding across all touchpoints, deploying digital formats, and overseeing any necessary operational changes to ensure alignment with the new design-driven growth strategy.
  • — Stakeholder Alignment: We initiate the process by aligning with your team on the transition plan, laying out clear timelines and milestones to keep you in control and well-informed.
  • Brand and Digital Evolution: We then roll out your new brand elements and digital products in tandem. Your team is integral to this process, witnessing and guiding the process in real-time
  • Operational Adaptation: Following the design transformation, we assist in the necessary operational changes, providing training and support where needed.

Evaluation and Iteration

After implementation, our partnership transitions into a long-term commitment, with an ongoing focus on monitoring the performance of your transformed brand and digital presence. We continually refine as needed, ensuring your brand stays relevant, resonates with your audience, and aligns with your evolving business goals.

Digital Transformation Services

Brand experience


Digital design

Strategy & Consulting

Our toolbox

After Effects
Affinity Designer
3DS Max
Cinema 4D


Rather than imposing generic documents, we work hand-in-hand with you, meticulously considering your personal and work goals, workload, and business dynamics. Together, we shape a solid brand strategy, providing clear roadmaps to ensure everyone shares a unified vision, from project teams to company-wide staff.
Comprehensive Discovery Reports (pdf)
Brand Strategy Document (pdf)
Brand Platform (pdf)
Branding Materials (Figma files + export)
Digital Products Designs (Figma files + export)
Brand & Digital guidelines (Figma files + pdf)
Implementation plan (pdf)
Continuous improvement roadmap (pdf)

4 steps to kickstart with us


Get in touch

We're just a message away - reach out to discuss your business needs and goals.

Discovery Meeting

We'll arrange a meeting to learn more about your company, your current brand and digital situation, and your goals for transformation.

Proposal & Discussion

We'll provide a tailored proposal detailing our vision to tackle the project, its scope, timeline, and cost.


Once agreed upon, we will meet to start your transformation journey officially.

Design-driven growth & transformation awards

European Agency of the Year
European Design Award
Red Dot Award
European Agency of the Year
European Agency of the Year


What involvement will my team have in the design process?
Your team will be involved at every stage. From the initial strategy development, through design prototyping, to post-implementation monitoring and optimisation. We believe the best results come from a collaboration that leverages our design expertise and your deep understanding of your business.
How will we measure the success of the design transformation?
Success measurement in our digital transformation agency will be tailored to your goals. Generally, we, as a leading digital transformation company, will monitor indicators such as brand perception, user experience, and business growth. With ongoing performance reviews and adjustments, we ensure the transformation remains effective and aligned with your evolving business goals. In London, where digital transformation is pivotal, our approach includes creating an advanced product metrics map, a strategy often employed by top digital transformation agencies.

This method is implemented when applicable to provide a comprehensive view of the transformation's impact. As a digital transformation consulting agency, we focus on delivering tangible results, ensuring that our strategies are theoretical and practically beneficial for your business. This approach, honed in the competitive environment of digital transformation agencies in London, positions us uniquely in the UK market.
How long will the transformation process take?
The timeline varies depending on the scale of the transformation required. However, we aim to balance thoroughness and efficiency, ensuring that you see progressive results without unnecessarily lengthy project timelines. By embracing a short feedback loop, we focus on showing the first results asap.
What happens after the design transformation is implemented?
Post-implementation, our digital transformation agency transitions into a long-term partnership, continually monitoring and refining your brand and digital presence to ensure they stay relevant and practical. Our focus is on maintaining the longevity and resilience of your brand in a dynamic market environment. The goal is to sidestep the need for drastic future redesigns by keeping your brand resilient and adaptive.

With the expertise that characterises leading digital transformation agencies, we offer strategies to strengthen your digital footprint in the UK market. As a digital transformation consulting agency, our approach is not just about immediate results but ensuring sustained success and relevance, a philosophy that sets us apart from other digital transformation agencies in London. This long-term vision is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in an ever-evolving digital landscape.
How do you handle potential risks or obstacles during the transformation process?
The DSA team has vast experience working with large enterprises and all their specifics. We collaborate closely with the C-level team and other managers to ensure their goals harmonise with our work. Our approach involves short, iterative cycles providing continuous assessment and fine-tuning opportunities. This flexibility allows us to adapt to unforeseen challenges with minimal disruption. Furthermore, by aligning our endeavours with the primary business, technical, and user experience objectives set during the Discovery phase, we remain focused on achieving your strategic aims, even when conditions evolve. Maintaining transparency throughout our process guarantees you stay informed and engaged at each step.

What our clients say

“Engaging with ettyq was a game-changer for us. The attention to detail and creative approach elevated our brand's essence. I can confidently say their work is nothing short of brilliant!”
Sarang Rao
Principal at Gulfstream Partners
“ettyq was more than just a vendor for us; they have been a true partner in our business. Their design strategy was deeply integrated into all our operations and was crucial in driving our growth.”
Rebecca Martinez
CMO at Sure Inc.
“Post-acquisition, ettyq played a pivotal role in our transformative phase. Their insights and expertise helped us formulate and articulate our brand narrative. The resulting design and strategic direction are deeply aligned with our new vision. I'm truly grateful we discovered and collaborated with ettyq.”
Liam Thompson
Founder & CMO at INFORMED

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