Embracing design thinking and a product-driven strategy, we created a new brand of INFRMD. By weaving a modern visual language and crafting a rejuvenated Digital Platform, we ensured the brand's values, stories, and digital products seamlessly interfaced with the modern-day consumer.
Design strategy
Creative design
Brand design & identity
Human-machine interaction
Visual language
Retail & Distribution, eCommerce, B2C companies

We created a design concept to yearn for a fresh, contemporary makeover without losing the brand's foundational values. Our objective was twofold: reposition INFRMD to resonate with the values and aspirations of Gen Z while fortifying its eco-first, sustainable identity.

Embracing design thinking and a product-driven strategy, we created a concept of a transformative journey with INFRMD. By weaving a modern visual language and crafting a rejuvenated brand platform, we ensured the brand's values, stories, and products seamlessly interfaced with the modern-day consumer.

Why we took this job

  • Conceptual Exploration Reflecting Real Challenges. Our work with INFRMD, while conceptual, highlighted genuine challenges businesses face during post-acquisition shifts. This project emphasised our expertise in design thinking and our ability to modernise a brand for the Gen Z audience without losing its essence. Such theoretical exercises showcase our capacity to solve intricate branding issues in the business landscape.
  • Value-Driven Solutions in Theory and Practice. Though INFRMD isn't a real-world company, the branding dilemmas are still real. Our approach demonstrated how we seamlessly integrate a brand's values across various touchpoints, ensuring resonance with its audience. This conceptual endeavour illuminates our strength in delivering holistic, value-driven solutions for brands undergoing transitions.
  • Beyond Design: Strategy for Real-World Application. Our conceptual strategies for INFRMD, from the '0.00' app icon to the "Made to Last, Not to Landfill" slogan, emphasised our dedication to in-depth brand strategy. While the project was hypothetical, it underscored our readiness to offer strategic solutions that are actionable and relevant to businesses with real-world challenges.

What we did

  • Design strategy
  • Visual language
  • Brand platform and identity
  • Customer Experience Reimagining
  • Creative design
  • UX/UI and a Design System for eCommerce
  • Physical Assets for offline stores

Execution Highlights

  • Mobile-First Design Philosophy: We adopted a mobile-first design philosophy to recognise Gen Z’s penchant for mobile shopping. The result was an app interface optimised for smaller screens, ensuring seamless navigation and an immersive brand experience on mobile devices.
  • Profound Design Strategy: A comprehensive design strategy beyond superficial improvements was at the heart of our approach. We dove deep into INFRMD's ethos, aligning its vision with actionable design tactics. This strategy became the bedrock upon which all subsequent deliverables were built.
  • Integrated Offline-Online Experience: For INFRMD's customers, the journey might start online but culminate offline, or vice versa. We ensured the transition between these spaces was fluid and consistent, offering an omnichannel brand experience.
  • Emotionally Resonant Design: Targeting Gen Z requires connecting at an emotional level. Our designs transcended mere aesthetics, evoking emotions and values synonymous with sustainability, eco-consciousness, and premium quality.
In our conceptual exploration with INFRMD, we delved into the complexities a brand might face when redefining its identity post-acquisition while maintaining its original essence.

This allowed us to demonstrate how we facilitate such a transition, prioritising a sharp design strategy that caters to the interests of Gen Z in today's eco-conscious climate. We envisioned a complete overhaul of the visual language, the foundation of a cohesive brand platform, and the enhancement of both digital and traditional customer experiences.

By blending tradition with innovation, we showcased how we address the nuanced challenges of repositioning a brand after an acquisition, ensuring a hypothetical smooth transition in the market landscape. This endeavour highlights our dedication to offering actionable solutions to intricate branding dilemmas.


  • Brand Consistency: A cohesive brand identity and visual language ensured that INFRMD presented a consistent image across all touchpoints, be it online, offline, or on promotional materials.
  • Elevated Customer Experience: With the reimagination of the customer experience, both online and offline, consumers enjoyed a more intuitive, engaging, and emotionally resonant journey with the brand.
  • Future-ready Framework: The design system we established ensured that the brand can evolve with emerging trends, reducing the need for frequent overhauls and keeping INFRMD always in vogue

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