“Engaging with ettyq was a game-changer for us. The attention to detail and creative approach elevated our brand's essence. I can confidently say their work is nothing short of brilliant!”
Sarang Rao
Principal at Gulfstream Partners
Design strategy
Creative design
Brand design & identity
Product conception
UI design
Scale-ups, Finance
Gulfstream Partners

Gphers, a scale-up in the alternative energy industry, needed help reimagining their company and product with a design-first approach. Design is becoming increasingly important today, and Gphers recognised the need to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. They contacted us to help them stand out and take their next big growth step.

We provided them with Design-Driven growth and helped them reimagine themself through design thinking and a product-driven approach. We focused on helping the client enhance their ethos after achieving product-market fit.

Why we were chosen for this job

  • Gphers were looking for an agency that could help reimagine their company from scratch and, at the same time, interact with them according to their policy. We have adapted our process to the client’s wishes, retaining our unique Method. This has helped us maintain our efficiency and interact with the client like an in-house team.
  • Through a series of workshops, we collaborated with the client on refining their vision and developed a design strategy that involved gradual implementation.
  • Gphers, rooted in the B2B realm, sought to communicate with its clientele while seamlessly engaging society. Leveraging ettyq's extensive expertise in both B2B and B2C spheres, we crafted a strategic approach that perfectly addresses these dual objectives.

What we did

  • Design strategy
  • Design language
  • Brand platform and identity
  • Creative design
  • Landing page design and development
  • Design system for the product
  • Digital and Physical Assets
  • Long-term support as a Design Partner

Execution and result

  • Branding Overhaul: We undertook a comprehensive transformation of Gphers' brand platform, encompassing everything from its tone of voice to tailored materials for each communication channel. In today's dynamic landscape, a brand transcends a mere logo, a language through which a company converses with its stakeholders, partners, clients, and marketers. For Gphers, we've crafted an adaptable and forward-looking brand language poised to keep them at the forefront for many years.
  • Physical and Digital Assets: We curated an expansive suite of assets tailored for all Gphers' communication touchpoints, from digital to physical. To ensure their consistent and effective use, we provided thorough guidelines, supplemented with screencasts and hands-on workshops, ensuring that every team member understands the ethos behind these assets and masters their application.
  • A Roadmap What To Do Next: Based on current industry trends and feedback, we've outlined clear next steps for Gphers. This roadmap focuses on practical actions and targets to keep the brand updated, relevant, and efficient in its communications, ensuring Gphers stays ahead in a fast-paced industry.

    In addition, we agreed on a long-term relationship to support Gphers as a design partner to take on all their design challenges.

NPS: +25
+32% Retention

Based on the figures and the feedback we received from the client, its users, and partners, it's evident we hit the mark: a brand language that resonates. Gphers have found their product-market fit, and we helped them to find a new voice and face to take the next big step.


  • Strong brand differentiation: The new visual identity and landing page helped Gphers stand out in a competitive market and convey the unique nature of their solution.
  • Increased user engagement: The redesign of the digital product resulted in improved user engagement and a more enjoyable user experience.
  • Positive industry recognition: Gphers received recognition and praise from industry experts for their innovative and user-friendly solution, further solidifying their position as a leader in the alternative energy sector.

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