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A steadfast design companion is paramount in today's swiftly evolving business landscape. Our Design Partner Service steps up to this role, offering an enduring partnership rather than fleeting project-based interactions. We seamlessly integrate with your team, becoming deeply attuned to your brand's core values and visions. With a vast spectrum of design capabilities, we tackle everything from minute digital graphics to expansive print installations and intricate UX/UI designs.
It's beneficial for companies that:
— Don't Have In-house Creative Team
— Unifying Multiple Product Lines
— Have Everyday Design Tasks
— Invest In Marketing
— Organise And Participate in Events
— Provide B2C Services
— Release Regular Product Updates
— Produce Regular Content
— Promoting Regular Deals
— Work Daily On Their Digital Products

Why Design Partner is essential for your business

When growing a business, your design needs multiply rapidly—from digital to offline, every touchpoint counts. With us, you gain the efficiency of an in-house team backed by unparalleled expertise but without the cumbersome overheads. Imagine having daily access to industry-leading design talent, ready to tackle each task precisely. Consider us an extension of your marketing arm, equipped with leading design talent poised to adapt to the market's ever-changing dynamics. We'll navigate the design intricacies, allowing you to prioritise your broader business strategies.

Our clients choose us because we make their life and work easier. Please, find out more about our Method.

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Fundamental digital transformations
Led by design thinking
Product first approach
Creativity + technical expertise + focus on business outcomes


Being a Design Partner means we're in it with you for the long haul. The process is an ongoing collaboration, ensuring your design needs are met every step of the way.


Weekly Design Meetings

Weekly Design Meetings are crucial to discuss upcoming tasks and align on their nuances, ensuring they resonate with your objectives. Simultaneously, we reflect on the past week's outcomes, refining our strategies based on your insights. This ongoing exchange amplifies our alignment, fostering a partnership that thrives on open communication and continual adaptation.

Regular Design Sprints

Our methodology's core beats a product-driven approach fueled by week-long Design Sprints. Within each sprint, distinct goals and outcomes are meticulously defined. These Sprints serve as the compass guiding our comprehensive planning. By segmenting this continuous process into manageable intervals, we enhance manageability and visibility, rendering ongoing results readily discernible. This iterative structure empowers us to seamlessly navigate the ever-evolving landscape of creative design partnership, delivering outcomes with precision and purpose.

Dedicated Projects

When dealing with long-term projects, such as starting from scratch to designing new products, we take a deliberate approach. We treat these projects as separate entities with specific goals, teams, timelines, and outcomes. While still under our Design Partner Services umbrella, we apply our product-driven strategy to handle them effectively.

Doing this lets us distinguish between ongoing processes and these focused projects. This approach helps us keep a firm handle on all aspects involved. We continue to employ Design Sprints and our comprehensive Method, but by treating these complex tasks as distinct projects, we ensure clarity and effective management. This way, we can achieve desired outcomes with precision and efficiency.

Feedback Loop

This iterative interaction and communication ensures that the designs remain in harmony with the client's evolving goals and contexts, allowing for any deviations to be promptly addressed.

Our core mission is to integrate within your team seamlessly and operate as an in-house creative team with consistent motivation, high skills, and remarkable versatility.

This commitment ensures that your design needs are met with unparalleled dedication and proficiency, a testament to our aspiration to blend with your creative endeavours seamlessly.

Please read about how we're different to other agencies.
Within Design Sprints, we can take care of all of your everyday design tasks:

— Revamping Digital Products
— Fine-tuning Brand Materials
— Crafting Physical Artifacts for Events
— Creative Designs for Ad Campaigns
— Crafting Presentations for Conferences
— Tailoring Departmental Design Materials
— Elevating Internal Communication Designs
— Refining Reports through Thoughtful Design
— Crafting Interactive Educational Content
— Curating Inspiring Designs for Physical Spaces

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Brand experience


Digital design

Strategy & Consulting

Our toolbox

After Effects
Affinity Designer
3DS Max
Cinema 4D


Having a Design Partner ensures that the design stays consistent and relevant as your company grows. This consistency benefits both your brand's image and your customer's experience. Over time, trust built with a long-term partner leads to efficient communication and timely design updates, keeping things straightforward and genuine for everyone involved.

4 steps to kickstart with us


Get in touch

We're just a message away - reach out to discuss your business needs and goals.

Discovery Meeting

We'll arrange a meeting to detail the objectives, the process and the communication model.

Proposal & Discussion

We'll provide a tailored proposal detailing our vision for your long-term goals.


Once agreed upon, we will meet for a kick-off workshop to start this journey.

Design-driven growth & transformation awards

European Agency of the Year
European Design Award
Red Dot Award
European Agency of the Year
European Agency of the Year


How does this differ from typical design services?
At its core, typical design services are often transactional – you request a specific design or set of designs, and once delivered, the transaction concludes. Our Design Partner service, however, is built on continuous collaboration. Here, the relationship doesn't end with one project. Instead, we embed ourselves as an extension of your team, understanding the ebbs and flows of your brand and iterating designs as your needs evolve.

This model ensures long-term consistency, a deeper understanding of your enterprise's vision, and an agile response to design needs, providing you with a proactive rather than reactive design approach.
How do you approach confidentiality and IP rights in the Design Partner model?
We understand the sensitivity of long-term strategies and proprietary information that come with such close collaboration. Before any project begins, all our team members sign stringent Non-Disclosure Agreements, ensuring your information remains private. Additionally, our contracts clearly define IP rights, ensuring that all created designs, strategies, and associated assets are your exclusive property. To further safeguard your data, we utilise encrypted collaborative tools and cloud storage platforms, all compliant with the highest global security standards.
Is there a dedicated team for enterprise partners?
Our commitment to enterprises goes beyond project delivery; it's about nurturing a dedicated relationship. Recognising enterprise projects' unique demands and depth, we allocate a dedicated team tailored specifically for your brand. This team understands your brand guidelines, company culture, and specific objectives. The advantage of such a dedicated team is twofold: not only do you get a set of professionals who truly understand the nuances of your brand, but you also have consistent points of contact, streamlining communication and fostering a stronger partnership.

If necessary, this team can undergo specialised training to become well-acquainted with industry-specific nuances or proprietary tools you might employ, ensuring smooth collaboration at every step.
Can you collaborate with other vendors or agencies we work with?
Collaboration is a cornerstone of our ethos. We understand that large enterprises often work with multiple vendors or agencies, each bringing a unique set of expertise:

Integration Workshops: Initially, we can conduct integration workshops, ensuring all parties understand the broader objectives and each other's roles.

Unified Communication Channels: We can set up suitable communication tools or platforms to ensure seamless dialogue among all involved parties.

Shared Documentation: By maintaining shared, up-to-date documentation, we ensure all collaborators are on the same page, reducing redundancy and ensuring cohesiveness.

And we can act as a leading agency and coordinate all production processes to make it easier for you to handle communication. Find more in our Method.
What if a design is approved by one department but not by another?
Differing opinions between departments can be challenging, but they also offer diverse perspectives that can enrich the design process:

Cross-departmental Workshops: In such scenarios, we advocate for collaborative workshops, bringing representatives from both departments. This fosters open dialogue and helps understand each department's unique concerns.

Data-backed Justifications: Where possible, we provide data-backed insights or user feedback to guide decisions. This empirical approach often helps in arriving at a consensus.

Iterative Prototyping: If there's still no alignment, we can create iterative prototypes, allowing both departments to visualise potential outcomes and choose a direction that aligns most closely with the company's overarching goals.

By embracing an inclusive and transparent approach, we ensure that all stakeholders feel valued and that the final design is holistic and practical.

What our clients say

“Engaging with ettyq was a game-changer for us. The attention to detail and creative approach elevated our brand's essence. I can confidently say their work is nothing short of brilliant!”
Sarang Rao
Principal at Gulfstream Partners
“ettyq was more than just a vendor for us; they have been a true partner in our business. Their design strategy was deeply integrated into all our operations and was crucial in driving our growth.”
Rebecca Martinez
CMO at Sure Inc.
“Post-acquisition, ettyq played a pivotal role in our transformative phase. Their insights and expertise helped us reimagine not just our brand but the essence of our company. The resulting design and strategic direction are deeply aligned with our new vision. I'm truly grateful we discovered and collaborated with ettyq.”
Liam Thompson
Founder & CMO at INFORMED

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