Our latest Design-Driven Transformation project, blending the company's legacy with a modern visual language, creates a consistent brand narrative across all touchpoints.
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Brand design & identity
Creative design
UI design
UX design
Healthcare & Life Sciences, B2C companies, Finance
Sure Inc.

A comprehensive Brand Experience concept designed for the modern arm of a traditionally rooted insurance business. Explore how design can transform businesses and significantly enhance engagement with their audience.

Our challenge was to combine 40 years of history with a modern visual language that would resonate with today's consumers while honouring SURE's legacy. Drawing from our initial pitch of swift and impactful transformation, we prioritised an agile approach, ensuring rapid initial outcomes and consistent feedback cycles.

Modern brand it's not about logo: it's about creating a comprehensive customer experience across all touchpoints. We created a modern visual language to communicate with the audience in each channel.

Why we took this job

  • We created a vision of swift and impactful transformation, emphasising a modern, agile approach with rapid initial outcomes and concise feedback cycles, in contrast to the protracted results typical of traditional waterfall methods.
  • Our brand promises, especially our promise of a one-week kickoff time and complimentary lifetime art direction.
  • Leveraging our deep expertise in design transformations, we were instrumental in guiding clients initially uncertain of their strategic direction. We meticulously crafted a holistic blueprint, delineating the conception, execution, and maturation of their brand narrative across all communication vectors, including internal stakeholder engagements.

What we did

  • Design strategy
  • Design language
  • Brand platform and identity
  • Creative design
  • Official website and a mobile app
  • Design system for the internal products
  • Digital and Physical Assets
  • Employees' brand guidelines

Execution Highlights:

  • Holistic Brand Assessment: Given SURE's 40-year legacy, our initial step involved thoroughly assessing its existing brand elements. This allowed us to identify aspects that resonated well with their long-time patrons and those that needed refinement to cater to the modern consumer.
  • Agile Production: Adhering to our commitment, we initiated the transformation within a week. Our Method facilitated a series of sprints, where each phase involved brainstorming, prototyping, and validation, ensuring rapid outcomes and maintaining the integrity of the design vision.
  • Modern Visual Language Implementation: Merging the time-honoured elements of SURE's history with contemporary design principles was delicate. We employed minimalist typography, colour palettes that reflected trust and reliability, and dynamic digital interfaces that appealed to the tech-savvy audience without alienating traditional clients.
  • Internal Communication Overhaul:We recognised the importance of ensuring all stakeholders were on board, so we revamped internal communication tools and platforms. This step was vital in fostering a sense of unity and purpose among employees, ensuring they became ambassadors of the new brand image.
Following the transformation, SURE saw a marked improvement in brand perception among customers, stakeholders, and the broader market. Users praised the more intuitive interfaces, while stakeholders voiced increased confidence in the company's renewed direction.


  • Consistent Brand Narrative: The new brand platform and a new digital appearance make Gphers stand out in a competitive market and convey the unique nature of their solution.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: SURE's revamped customer experience is aimed at simplicity and clarity. The onboarding process was streamlined, making interactions straightforward. Mobile interfaces were optimised for ease of use, and policy documentation was decluttered for better understanding. Feedback mechanisms and round-the-clock chatbot support were introduced to address customer needs and concerns directly. The focus was on making the user's journey more intuitive and less convoluted.

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