ettyq method

Our method to harmonise a company's essence, business dynamics, and digital world in an exceptional way

Fundamental design transformations
Not just superficial improvements. We are a design partner responsible for all tasks related to the company’s visual presence.

In most cases, we start our work by developing a design strategy and gradually changing the company’s image and products in close collaboration with the client and his key partners.

We also take responsibility for all the daily tasks within the digital design area, from improving product conversions to preparing promo material for exhibitions. We bring design practices that seamlessly blend business, engineering, and aesthetics to drive our clients' success
Led by design thinking
The design greatly impacts customers’ perception and interaction with your company and products, and our responsibility is to manage these processes expertly. By leveraging a design thinking approach, we make your communication efforts easier by incorporating a consistent design language in all client interactions. Design is what makes the difference, and our goal is to bring that feature to our customers’ companies.

Design thinking for us also means following fundamental, timeless principles and a methodology of continuous improvement; Following this, we create products easily adaptable to any circumstances at any given time.
Product first approach
This means that everything we do, we wrap in the form of products with goals, boundaries and clear characteristics. At our agency, the product-centric approach means embracing a short feedback loop, transparent communication and an iterative and incremental process of continuous improvement, whether we’re developing a digital product or a brand identity. We tackle big things by taking small, manageable steps

We help you achieve product-driven growth by leveraging our experience and expertise and utilising proven methodologies, such as HADI, AAARRRR, JTBD, and CJM, among others and implementing behavioural and commercial product metrics

Great attention to detail is a necessity for us. Details make the difference between us and everyone else. We think about the little things to make everyone else's job easier. Identifying and addressing even the most subtle challenges is our profession

We believe in a test-and-learn approach where making multiple small decisions and refining them as needed is more effective than taking a prolonged period to make one final decision
Creativity + technical expertise + focus on business outcomes
We’re strategists, designers, engineers, analytics and artists. Everything we do has purpose, conditions and finite resources. As creative and artistic as our work may be, it is ultimately crafted for our client’s business and end-user’s experience, not for our own satisfaction
full-service agencies
Depth of involvement
A focus on design-related services only, ensuring top-notch quality work and maximum immersion in the field
Development of multiple disciplines and areas of expertise at the same time, resulting in unfocused
Process consistency
The same people sell and do projects, which keeps the process consistent and all agreements and expectations respected
Separation of sales and production teams can lead to misalignment and unmet expectations
Permanent team
A stable team on projects which allows you to retain expertise and established relationships over the long term
Frequent change of team members due to higher staff turnover and less concentration of talent
Exclusive conditions
Our team works exclusively on one project at a time to fully immerse and become an extension of our client's internal team
Frequent switching between projects resulting in transaction costs, loss of focus and lack of engagement
Post launch life of the project
Lifetime art direction after expiration of the last annual contract
The client is left on their own with the result, receiving only warranty support to fix bugs in the software
Contractors network
We coordinate all contractors that involve in the project to cover our client's needs and free up client’s time
The whole project is created under one roof

AI in our work

At ettyq, we consider Artificial Intelligence as a tool to assist us by streamlining mundane tasks, analysing vast datasets for insights, and generating initial concepts at lightning speed. This, in turn, allows our human designers to dedicate more time to the nuanced, emotion-driven, and unique aspects of creative imagination and refinement.

AI boosts our creative bandwidth and is a powerful tool that complements our human talent, ensuring that our ideas are innovative and grounded in data-driven precision

Our integration of AI is not about switching off our brains but about supercharging them. At the same time, we follow strict rules:
  • Client preferences are our foremost priority: We don't use AI without your written consent
  • Licensed and Legitimate: All our products and tools are 100% licensed, ensuring credibility
  • Aligned with Your Policies: Your company's specific policies are paramount; we ensure complete compliance
  • AI Usage Transparency: We clearly articulate the 'how' and 'why' behind our AI deployments

Brand promises


Transparency of the process at any moment


Top-notch work, ensured by a professional community


Only essential briefing using visual language

and zero “What car do you associate yourself with?” type of questions

One week commence time


Lifetime art-direction

Why clients choose us

We are valued for our strong identity and customer focus at the same time
Having our core values, principles and methodologies, we re-calibrate our processes to synergise with your business and team.
By choosing us, clients reduce their personal and professional risks
Purchasing services can often be a gamble, as the outcome is uncertain. Our clients trust us to navigate thier digital challenges because they know their personal and professional interests are always safeguarded. And here’s why.

80% of our new clients come to us through referrals from our existing ones.

We prioritize predictability and transparency in our projects, providing a detailed roadmap, timeline, regular updates and check-ins to ensure clients stay informed and in control throughout the entire process.

Sprint with no reports will be credited back to your virtual account with the agency. We deliver top-notch work by engaging an external art directors to ensure creative and quality excellence in every project, at our own expense.

As part of DataArt, an international engineering software firm with a 25-year history and proven track record, we have access to unique industry knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional results to our clients.
Our priority is to make our clients’ life and work easier
We can take on even abstract tasks, so it’s completely ok if you only have a general idea of the desired outcome. Our team is here to help you formulate the task and facilitate internal discussions to ensure the successful completion of your project.

We’ve made briefings less tedious: we do it iteratively and visually: we prepare sketches and mockups, and that’s how we narrow down our field of inquiry, not through hours of roundtable discussions with questions like “What car do you associate yourself with?”

We’re able to provide even rare expertise — 3D, illustration, motion, CGI, and everything related to design.

We provide clients with a unique combination of creative and conceptual expertise, giving them a fresh perspective on their products. We balance this creativity with a practical approach, ensuring that ideas are grounded in reality and can be successfully implemented.

We bring the best of both worlds to our clients by providing the reliability, passion and engagement of full-time employees combined with the flexibility and scalability of an agency.

We ensure the smooth and seamless execution of projects by coordinating all contractors who depend on our work. This guarantees that all aspects of the project are properly aligned and integrated for the best possible outcome. And this frees up a huge amount of our clients’ time, of course.

Why companies don't choose us

We may not be the best fit for one-off small projects. At the same time, our clients can rely on us to handle all their design needs, including small tasks, within the context of a long-term partnership.
If you need a contractor simply to implement a previously thought-out idea and concept, we are probably not the best choice, as this cost/complexity will not be very competitive.
We work closely with our clients in the process (design partner, remember?), so we ask for sufficient involvement from our clients, especially at the beginning. Some clients do not choose us precisely because they want the result, without any involvement in the process.
We do not provide marketing, advertising, SEO or event management services. We can bring in our trusted partners to cover these services and coordinate the work of all project participants, acting as the lead agency, but if clients want everything in one place, this is not us.
Customers for whom design is just a function of colouring development outcomes usually do not choose us because they simply do not find value in our work and our processes.


Adherence to values and principles is more important than following instructions and checklists.
In challenges, we follow principles and values to make quality decisions for clients and ourselves. Standards and checklists help improve our work, but creativity requires flexibility. We simplify internal procedures to balance innovation and engineering excellence.
We’re guided by fundamental principles and a commitment to continuous improvement
Everything we do is linked to business outcomes and led by design thinking. We see our mission as creating sustainable rather than short-term changes in our client’s businesses, and all our decisions are made on this basis.
Openness to ideas, opinions and cultures
Great things cannot be done alone. Creating great things in isolation is impossible. We are a multicultural company which loves and takes the best from all worlds. We see the answer in sharing meanings, adding different ideas to the big picture and taking dogma out of the equation.
Mindfulness in every decision
We make informed decisions, considering cause and effect, from long-term goals to button placement. Mindfulness and attention to detail minimize user frustration. Clear explanations build trust and positive interactions.
Make waves with our design expertise
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