ettyq is a part of DataArt—a global software engineering firm and the trusted technology partner of market leaders.

Founded in 1997, DataArt’s world-class team of 5,700+ experts in 20+ locations designs and engineers data-driven, cloud-native solutions to create immediate and enduring business value. Through 20+ domain-specific Labs dedicated to R&D and strategic innovation, DataArt works together with clients as partners for progress to ensure they stay on the leading edge.


I’d like to thank DataArt’s team who’ve helped make the project a reality — the timeline was tight and the expectations high.
Gary O’Connor
CTO, Doddle Parcels
How AWS Can Enhance E-Commerce and Optimize Performance
Denis Baranov
Labs: Communities Committed to Driving Differentiated Value for Clients

Why DataArt

Domain Expertise
Client Focus
Engineering Quality
People-First Culture



DataArt delivers real value to clients because of our deep knowledge of the industries in which they operate


We work across all areas of financial services and capital markets, offering engineering services with domain expertise, proven by the CFA certification. Our clients include banks, exchanges, hedge funds, market data providers, rating agencies, market utilities, insurance companies, fintech firms, and inter-dealer brokers.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

DataArt delivers robust digital solutions that help healthcare & life sciences organizations foster innovation and digital transformation, improve outcomes, and solve complex business challenges.

Retail & Distribution

We help businesses get the most out of investment in modern technologies and merit a true competitive advantage, along with speed, scale, and security.

Travel, Transportation & Hospitality

Partner with experts in travel software development to have your custom solutions designed and built from the ground up, modernized, or seamlessly integrated with other in-use systems.

Media & Entertainment

At DataArt, we combine our technology and industry expertise to design, build, and deliver leading technology solutions for digital media, music, sports, video, art, and publishing organizations.


In-house strategy consultancy

DataArt Solution Advisors (DSA)

DSA works with development teams across DataArt's industry and technology verticals on transformations, modernisations, migrations, new product development, and other complex projects that require additional planning and analysis before development begins and during the development journey.

As our client, you can be sure that DSA will work closely with you to understand your day-to-day work, application landscape, and customers. We’ll help you identify the right problems to solve, and align on clear objectives to create software solutions that address your core business needs. Learn more
“Your efforts truly demonstrated the Culture of Excellence attributes necessary to position Moody’s to successfully compete in an increasingly dynamic and data driven market.”
Mike West
Managing Director, Global Ratings and Research​​ Moody's
“I would like to thank DataArt team for their enormous collective contribution to the recent milestone we achieved, which is the delivery of the AHS platform to our entire Financial Institutions line of business, replacing what was considered our most state-of-the-art legacy system.”
Steve DeCherrie​
Director of Technology Audits, Discover Financial
“We commissioned [DSA] to develop a new client portal experience. The engagement has surpassed our expectations. The DataArt team has been fantastic to work with, becoming an extension of our internal team and adding significant value to business process reengineering discussions... We are considering numerous other projects to assign DataArt.”
Jordan Kaufman
EVP, Chief Information Officer, Choice Logistics

DSA + ettyq benefits

Holistic Customer Experience: We craft a cohesive customer journey across all touchpoints by seamlessly integrating digital innovation and design thinking. This ensures maximised engagement and strengthened brand loyalty.
Collaborative Expertise: Our partnership with the DSA team merges creativity with analytical precision. The synergy brings strategies that resonate with your organisational goals, ensuring expert insights back each step.
Data-Driven Insights: Employing data science, design thinking, and advanced analytics, we delve deep into customer behaviour and market trends, unveiling actionable insights that drive decision-making.
Risk and Growth Avenues Identification: The DSA team's meticulous analysis highlights potential growth pathways and flags any possible risks. This proactive approach ensures you're always one step ahead, seizing opportunities while safeguarding against pitfalls.
Tailored Strategies: Understanding that each organisation is unique, our strategies are custom-fit to your specific goals and objectives. This ensures alignment with your vision and maximises the potential for success.
Operational Efficiency: Beyond growth avenues, our combined expertise with DSA identifies areas in your operations where efficiency can be boosted, ensuring smoother processes and optimised resource utilisation.


What does the collaboration between ettyq, DataArt, and DSA entail?
The collaboration between ettyq, DataArt, and DSA is a robust synergy of design innovation, technical prowess, and strategic insight. At its core:

Strategic Planning: DSA plays a crucial role in dissecting complex projects, offering an added layer of planning and analysis before and during development. By integrating product specialists, solution advisors, architects, and data experts, DSA ensures that solutions are grounded in comprehensive technical analysis, making them actionable and efficient.

Design Expertise: ettyq brings a design-driven growth model to the table, focusing on creating enriched customer experiences across all touchpoints. Our approach involves understanding user behaviour, anticipating their needs, and crafting resonating interfaces.

Technical Strength: DataArt supplements the design with a solid technological foundation. Being a leader in the technology sector, it ensures that all plans are intuitive and backed by secure, scalable, and cutting-edge tech solutions.

This triad offers a holistic solution that integrates creative design, technological expertise, and strategic planning, ensuring projects are executed seamlessly, are market-relevant, and provide tangible value to clients.
How do you ensure a seamless transition between design, technology, and strategy, and how does this collaboration enhance the outcomes?
Achieving a seamless transition between design, technology, and strategy is central to our collaborative approach. Here's how we do it:

Integrated Workflow: From the get-go, teams from ettyq, DataArt, and DSA work closely, ensuring that each project phase dovetails perfectly into the next. This close-knit collaboration eliminates silos, enabling real-time feedback and agile adjustments.

Unified Vision: Before initiating any project, we align on objectives, key outcomes, and shared vision. This ensures that design creativity, technological solutions, and strategic planning work towards a common goal.

Continuous Communication: Regular touchpoints, progress reviews, and cross-team meetings are staples. These platforms allow for sharing insights, feedback, and innovative ideas across the teams, ensuring every member is in sync.

The outcome of this intricate collaboration is a product or solution that stands out in design appeal, technological robustness, and strategic relevance. The synergetic blend amplifies individual strengths, ensuring that our clients receive holistic solutions that are both innovative and actionable, leading to enhanced results and more significant market impact.
How do you ensure that the strategies developed are actionable and not just theoretical?
Ensuring that our strategies are actionable rather than theoretical is paramount. Here's how we achieve this:

Cross-functional Collaboration: From the outset, we involve a multi-disciplinary team of designers from ettyq, technologists from DataArt, and strategic advisors from DSA. This amalgamation of diverse perspectives guarantees that every strategic direction has a clear pathway to execution, right from design to deployment.

Client Engagement: We believe in working closely with our clients throughout the strategic development phase. By aligning our expertise with their intimate knowledge of their business, we co-create strategies that are not only innovative but also rooted in the real-world challenges and opportunities they face.

Iterative Prototyping: Before fully diving into the execution, we use iterative prototyping. This approach allows us to test the feasibility of a strategy in real-world conditions, refine it based on feedback, and ensure it's not just a theoretical construct but a viable plan of action.

Data-Driven Insights: Relying on gut feelings isn't our style. Data analysis, market trends, customer behaviour, or industry benchmarks back every strategy. We ensure our plans address tangible needs and opportunities by grounding our techniques with inaccurate data.

Feedback Loops: We establish feedback loops to monitor the strategy's effectiveness post-implementation. This not only helps in ensuring the system is yielding the desired results but also in refining it further based on real-time insights.

Training & Handover: A strategy is only as good as its execution. We ensure our client's internal teams are well-equipped to complete the process. This involves detailed documentation, training sessions, and workshops to smoothly transition from strategy formulation to hands-on implementation.

In essence, our commitment is to create a blueprint and pave the way for tangible change, ensuring every strategy has a clear, actionable roadmap leading to real-world impact.
With the unique blend of ettyq's design prowess, DataArt's technological edge, and DSA's analytical understanding, how do you avoid "too many cooks in the kitchen" and keep the process streamlined?
This is an essential concern, and we address it proactively to ensure a cohesive and efficient workflow. At the heart of our collaborative approach lies a robust coordination system. Firstly, we have a dedicated digital producer as the chief orchestrator. They oversee the entire project from a macro perspective, ensuring that all entities contribute harmoniously without overlap.

Alongside the digital producer, the Engagement Manager plays a pivotal role. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that client objectives are always at the forefront, acting as a bridge between your team and ours and ensuring that our collaborative efforts align seamlessly with your goals and vision.

Furthermore, we have multiple project managers to manage the intricacies of specialised tasks and niche projects. Each is well-versed in specific techniques and project types, ensuring that even the most minor tasks receive expert attention and are executed flawlessly. This tiered approach to management guarantees both the broad oversight and the detailed focus that multifaceted projects require. So, while we bring a rich tapestry of skills to the table, our well-defined roles and clear communication channels ensure the process remains streamlined, effective, and harmonious.
In the event of feedback or revisions, how do you decide which team takes the lead? Is there a specific person who oversees and communicates these changes?
Navigating the multifaceted landscape of feedback and revisions is a craft in itself. The process begins by categorising the nature of the input:

Design-related Feedback: If the feedback concerns design elements, aesthetics, or user experience, ettyq's team steps in. Their expertise in crafting user-centric designs ensures that your vision is realised perfectly.

Technological and Development Feedback: When the revisions pivot around specialised functionalities or system performance, DataArt's team implements the technical alterations precisely.

Strategic or Analytical Feedback: Feedback that delves into data analytics, project strategy, or requires a deep dive into market analysis is directed to the DSA team. Their strategic planning and data interpretation acumen ensures the project stays on the right course.

While these specificities guide the initial response, it's crucial to ensure that these diverse domains merge into a cohesive solution. This is where our Digital Producer steps in. With a panoramic view of the project's vision and a keen understanding of each team's capabilities, the Digital Producer acts as a bridge. They ensure that the correct section addresses feedback and aligns harmoniously with the broader project objectives.

Supplementing the role of the Digital Producer is the Engagement Manager. While the Digital Producer handles the overarching vision and addresses ambiguities, the Engagement Manager ensures a consistent and efficient feedback loop with the client. They guarantee that the project remains synchronised with the client's goals and that revisions from different teams fit seamlessly into the broader project narrative.

Together, the Digital Producer and Engagement Manager form a formidable duo, ensuring that the revision process, no matter how intricate or expansive, remains streamlined, coherent, and accurate to the client's aspirations.
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