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A brand is more than just a logo or a colour palette; it's a holistic experience communicating your essence. In an era where every touchpoint matters, from the digital to the physical, the brand experience is the lasting impression you leave with your audience.
It's beneficial for companies that:
— Entering New Markets or Regions
— Facing Reputation Challenges
— Undergoing Digital Transformation
— Undergoing Mergers & Acquisitions
— In the transition to marketing-driven sales
— Startups and Scaleups
— Targeting Younger Customers
— Going Green or Embracing Sustainability
— Pivoting Their Core Offerings
— Launching new Products/Services

Why Brand experience & Visual Language are essential for your business

Entering a store blindfolded, you'd feel lost without visual cues. Similarly, in the digital age, a brand's visual language directs customers, making them feel connected. It's more than aesthetics; it's about crafting a unique identity. Colours, shapes, and designs should remind them of your brand consistently. As a leading brand experience agency in London, we see that a unified and memorable brand experience isn't just an advantage—it's crucial for your growth and success.

With countless companies in the same category looking alike, getting lost in the crowd is easy. It's crucial to differentiate yourself in this vast sea of similarity. A modern Brand & Visual language make your marketing efforts much easier.

ettyq method

Fundamental digital transformations
Led by design thinking
Product first approach
Creativity + technical expertise + focus on business outcomes


Every step of our process is transparent and open, ensuring you're engaged and informed throughout


Discovery & Immersion

Our journey starts by delving deep into the heart of your brand—its history, values, and aspirations. During this phase, we also take a comprehensive look at your target audience, understanding their behaviours, preferences, and needs. This dual focus ensures our strategies are grounded in the essence of who you are and who you serve.

Ideation & Conceptualisation

Armed with a profound understanding of your brand and its audience, we engage in brainstorming and concept development. Through sketching, mood boards, and preliminary design drafts, we begin to craft the narrative and visual cues that will define your brand experience.

Scaling & Development

This phase is about evolving our concepts into robust, scalable visual language. We build on the foundational concepts, developing assets and elements that can be consistently replicated across various touchpoints, ensuring brand coherence. Please learn more about our Method and approaches to address all your challenges.

Validation & Refinement

During this phase, we gather feedback on our concepts. We work with stakeholders and specific user groups to test our designs for clarity, appeal, and effectiveness. Our goal is to ensure that our final solution is not just a good idea but a tried and refined product ready for real-world use.


With designs validated and refined, we initiate the rollout across all touchpoints. Ensuring a harmonised brand experience, we seamlessly integrate the new visual language across digital platforms, physical materials and spaces.
  • — Stakeholder Alignment: We initiate the process by aligning with your team on the transition plan, laying out clear timelines and milestones to keep you in control and well-informed.
  • Brand and Digital Evolution: We then roll out your new brand elements and digital products in tandem. Your team is integral to this process, witnessing and guiding the process in real-time
  • Operational Adaptation: Following the design transformation, we assist in the necessary operational changes, providing training and support where needed.

Continuous Improvements

Post-implementation, our journey with your brand doesn't end. We actively seek feedback, monitor the new visual language's reception, and leverage data-driven insights for ongoing refinements, keeping your brand experience fresh and relevant.

We treat branding as we treat a digital product: short feedback loop, transparent communication and an iterative and incremental process of continuous improvement.

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Our toolbox

After Effects
Affinity Designer
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Cinema 4D


We provide you with a solid brand identity and a modern visual language consistent across all touchpoints. This consistency ensures that no matter where or how customers encounter your brand, they're met with the same core message, feel and experience.
Brand platform (pdf)
Visual language (Figma files + pdf)
Iconography & Illustrations (Figma, Ai)
Digital Asset Kit (Figma)
Physical Asset Kit (Figma, Ai)
Merchandise Mockups (Figma, Ai)
Offline Space Design (Figma, Ai)
Brand Guidelines (pdf)

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Design-driven growth & transformation awards

European Agency of the Year
European Design Award
Red Dot Award
European Agency of the Year
European Agency of the Year


What sets our brand experience agency apart from others?
At our core, we stand as one of the top brand experience agencies in London, a distinction we've earned through our unwavering commitment to creativity, meticulous attention to detail, and the expertise of our dedicated team.

— We put all our efforts and resources into one goal: to become the best in providing design-driven growth. Not spreading ourselves too thin elevates the quality of our work to a top-notch level.

— ettyq was created in partnership with DataArt, an international software engineering firm with 25 years of history. This partnership gives ettyq unmatched access to deep industry knowledge and unique technologies.

How do you ensure our branding remains agile in the face of rapid market shifts?
Agility is baked into our method. We employ modular design principles, allowing elements of your visual language to evolve without overhauling the entire system, ensuring you remain nimble and relevant.

We treat branding as we treat a digital product: short feedback loop, transparent communication and an iterative and incremental process of continuous improvement.
We're looking to expand into new global markets. How do you account for diverse cultural nuances in design?
Global expansion demands cultural sensitivity. Our team harnesses local cultural insights, ensuring your brand doesn't just translate but truly resonates across borders.

Our multicultural company loves and takes the best from all worlds. We see the answer in sharing meanings, adding different ideas to the big picture and taking dogma out of the equation.
How do you handle design by committee, where multiple stakeholders have varied opinions?
We understand the complexity of catering to multiple voices. Our approach involves structured workshops and feedback sessions. This ensures all stakeholders are heard while we guide the process towards a unified, coherent brand voice. We involve our DSA team to handle the most challenging tasks when needed.
Our sales and marketing teams sometimes struggle to utilise branding effectively. Do you provide support post-launch?
As a leading brand experience agency, we offer tailored training for sales and marketing teams, ensuring they effectively understand and utilise the new branding. Our brand toolkits, developed with the expertise of being one of London’s top brand experience agencies, guide consistent representation across all mediums.

Additionally, as a prominent brand experience agency in the UK, we pride ourselves on being accessible for immediate queries, underscoring the importance of a collaborative approach. We value feedback highly, allowing us to refine and adjust all the artefacts for new contexts.

This adaptability is a hallmark of our service as a brand experience company in London, where the dynamism of the market demands a proactive and responsive approach. Being among London’s best rebranding agencies, our commitment to excellence ensures that your brand resonates effectively and cohesively across all platforms.
Our internal IT infrastructure is dated. Can you still ensure a seamless digital brand experience?
While cutting-edge tech can enhance the brand experience, it's the strategy that's paramount. We work with your IT constraints, focusing on optimising user experience and ensuring brand consistency, no matter the platform.

In addition, as a part of DataArt, a global software engineering firm,  we can deliver a seamless digital brand experience. DataArt's expertise in software engineering, combined with its human-centric problem-solving approach, enables us to tackle and modernise any technical challenges your infrastructure presents. This collaboration means that your branding will be top-tier, and the digital platforms housing this brand will be optimised, modern, and efficient, ensuring that the brand experience remains consistent and impactful for all users.

What our clients say

“Engaging with ettyq was a game-changer for us. The attention to detail and creative approach elevated our brand's essence. I can confidently say their work is nothing short of brilliant!”
Sarang Rao
Principal at Gulfstream Partners
“ettyq was more than just a vendor for us; they have been a true partner in our business. Their design strategy was deeply integrated into all our operations and was crucial in driving our growth.”
Rebecca Martinez
CMO at Sure Inc.
“Post-acquisition, ettyq played a pivotal role in our transformative phase. Their insights and expertise helped us formulate and articulate our brand narrative. The resulting design and strategic direction are deeply aligned with our new vision. I'm truly grateful we discovered and collaborated with ettyq.”
Liam Thompson
Founder & CMO at INFORMED

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