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With a product-driven approach at our core, we thrive on agile methodologies, ensuring swift adaptability and responsiveness to user needs and market dynamics. Harnessing the power of design thinking, we delve deep into user behaviours and desires, creating digital solutions that are intuitive, innovative, and impactful. Our dedication goes beyond mere aesthetics: we create products that users love.
It's beneficial for companies that:
— Shifting from manual to automated
— Expanding  offerings with digital
— Enhancing customer engagement
— Expanding their digital reach
— Linking physical products to digital twins
— Exploring new sales channels
— Consolidating post-acquisition assets
— Want to stand out in digital
— Modernising legacy systems
— Preparing a new product version

Why Product Design is essential for your business

In today's hyper-competitive digital landscape, it's not enough for a product to merely function—it must resonate, engage, and provide tangible value. An adeptly designed product doesn't just improve user experience; it crafts stories, evokes emotions, and establishes trust.

For businesses, this means more than just a beautiful interface; it signifies higher user retention, increased loyalty, and, often, a decisive edge over competitors. Interact with your audience, and ultimately, embracing effective product design is no longer a luxury but an essential facet of modern business strategy, shaping how companies are perceived, interact with their audience, and ultimately, grow and thrive.

ettyq method

Fundamental digital transformations
Led by design thinking
Product first approach
Creativity + technical expertise + focus on business outcomes


Our approach is broken down into clear phases, ensuring you're engaged and informed throughout the journey


Discovery & Empathy

At this initial stage, we don't just listen; we absorb. Understanding that every business has its unique complexities, we dig into your operational pain points, recognise the aspirations of your audience, and map out both spoken and unspoken needs.

By conducting one-on-one interviews and researching, we aim to understand the "what" and the "why" behind every user action and business objective.

Ideation & Conceptualisation

We transition to the creative phase once we've assimilated your business's essence. But our ideation isn't a shot in the dark. Using the deep insights from our discovery stage, we collaborate in focused sessions, sketching out tailored design concepts that directly address identified challenges, ensuring that every idea has roots in real-world needs.

— Deep-rooted Brainstorms
— Stakeholder Workshops
— Scenario Mapping
— Information Architecture

UX/UI Design

Transitioning from abstract to concrete, this phase breathes life into our concepts. While the UX design is meticulously crafted to ensure intuitive navigation, addressing common user frustrations, the UI design focuses on aesthetics that resonate with your brand and audience, providing that every interaction feels familiar and refreshing.

Validation & Refinement

A design isn't worth its weight if it doesn't resonate with end users. Using tools like A/B testing and real-world user feedback sessions, we test our designs against genuine user interactions. This feedback loop helps us catch potential friction points, allowing us to refine and optimise the design, ensuring it's not just pretty but practical.

Development (Handoff)

As a creative design agency, we offer our clients no-code development for small-scale websites, apps, and POCs. For more intricate digital products that necessitate a comprehensive development cycle, we collaborate with DataArt to tackle the task.

Suppose you already have an in-house or third-party team. In that case, we engage in a dialogue with your development team, ensuring they fully grasp the logic and essence behind every design decision. With detailed guidelines, assets, and design rationale, we provide that what gets coded retains the integrity of the design vision, addressing common pitfalls that arise during development.
  • — Software Requirements Specification: When needed, our business analysts team create SRS: a comprehensive guide mapping out functionalities, desired behaviours, and the underlying logic. It ensures that the development team understands the depth of features and interactions, providing a precise translation of design intent into functional code.
  • Design Guidelines: It is the blueprint for the entire user experience. It dictates the colour schemes, typography, blocks and elements placements, animations and more, ensuring consistency across every screen and interaction.
  • Collaborative Review Sessions: We organise dedicated review sessions with the development team, walking them through the designs, answering queries, and discussing potential challenges.

Continuous Improvements

The digital world is fluid, and user expectations shift rapidly.  As well as internal and external factors affecting a business are changes. Post-launch, we don't retreat into the shadows. We actively monitor user interactions, collaborate with you and your team, and gather data on areas where the design might falter, or new pain points emerge.

Our long-term commitment ensures that your digital product remains relevant, user-centric, and agile to adapt to an ever-evolving digital ecosystem.

We act as a design partner who supports you throughout your journey.

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Digital design

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Our toolbox

After Effects
Affinity Designer
3DS Max
Cinema 4D


Our product design service is grounded in technology. We merge modern design with technical know-how, delivering visually stunning and technically sound products. Every design choice is backed by our tech expertise, ensuring a seamless transition from design to code.
Discovery reports (pdf)
Information Architecture (pdf)
User Personas and Users Flow Diagrams (pdf)
Wireframes and Interactive Prototypes (Figma)
UI Asset Libraries/Design System (Figma)
Guidelines for Developers (Figma + pdf)
Software Requirements Specification (pdf)

4 steps to kickstart with us


Get in touch

We're just a message away - reach out to discuss your business needs and goals.

Discovery Meeting

We'll arrange a meeting to detail objectives, timelines, and key deliverables. We set the roadmap together.

Proposal & Discussion

We'll provide a tailored proposal detailing our vision to tackle the project, its scope, timeline, and cost.


Once agreed upon, we will meet for a kick-off workshop to start this journey.

Design-driven growth & transformation awards

European Agency of the Year
European Design Award
Red Dot Award
European Agency of the Year
European Agency of the Year


We operate in multiple markets with cultural nuances. How will you ensure the design caters to all?
We adopt a 'glocal' approach – global vision, local tweaks. By conducting market-specific research and incorporating cultural UX/UI subtleties, we ensure the design speaks universally yet resonates locally.

Our multicultural company loves and takes the best from all worlds. We see the answer in sharing meanings, adding different ideas to the big picture and taking dogma out of the equation.
How do you ensure the design remains consistent across myriad devices and platforms?
In this multi-device age, we employ a design system approach. By creating a unified design language and rigorous testing across devices, we ensure consistency and seamless user experiences everywhere.
We’re scaling rapidly. How do you ensure the product design scales with us without frequent overhauls?
First of all, Scalability is integral to our design philosophy. We prioritise modular and flexible design systems, ensuring that as you scale, the design can adapt and evolve without necessitating complete overhauls.

Secondly, we take a product-first approach embracing a short feedback loop, transparent communication and an iterative and incremental process of continuous improvement.

Please, find all the detail in our Method
Our company has multiple stakeholders with varied opinions. How do you manage feedback from so many sources?
We employ a structured feedback loop. By designating key communication points and using collaborative tools, we consolidate feedback, ensuring every stakeholder is heard while keeping the design vision consistent.

We involve our DSA team to handle the most challenging tasks when needed.
We’re facing feature bloat. How can your design process help prioritise what really matters?
Feature bloat is a significant challenge, but by adopting a combination of modern methodologies, we can address it effectively:

— JTBD (Jobs To Be Done) Framework: Central to our approach is understanding the core tasks users want to achieve. By focusing on the essential jobs, we can align features directly with user goals, ensuring each addition serves a genuine purpose.

CJM (Customer Journey Mapping): Mapping out the user’s journey lets us visualise the touchpoints and interactions a user has with the product. This clarity helps identify redundancy or friction areas, allowing for a more streamlined experience.

— Lean UX and HADI Cycle: We adopt a Lean UX approach paired with the HADI (Hypothesize, Act, Data, Interpret) cycle. This combination lets us make hypotheses about feature utility, act on them through design iterations, gather data from user interactions, and continually interpret results to refine the features.

AAARRRR Framework: By considering the AAARRRR (Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral, Resurrection) funnel, we ensure that each feature contributes positively to the user's lifecycle. If a part doesn't align with any of these stages, its necessity comes into question.

Continuous Feedback Loops: Feedback is invaluable. With regular user testing, in-app surveys, and analytic evaluations, we gauge how features are received and used. This ongoing feedback informs any necessary adjustments or removals.

Collaborative Review Sessions: Involving stakeholders, development teams, and even users in design reviews fosters a holistic understanding of feature relevance and potential implications, both technically and from a UX standpoint.

What our clients say

“Engaging with ettyq was a game-changer for us. The attention to detail and creative approach elevated our brand's essence. I can confidently say their work is nothing short of brilliant!”
Sarang Rao
Principal at Gulfstream Partners
“ettyq was more than just a vendor for us; they have been a true partner in our business. Their design strategy was deeply integrated into all our operations and was crucial in driving our growth.”
Rebecca Martinez
CMO at Sure Inc.
“Post-acquisition, ettyq played a pivotal role in our transformative phase. Their insights and expertise helped us formulate and articulate our brand narrative. The resulting design and strategic direction are deeply aligned with our new vision. I'm truly grateful we discovered and collaborated with ettyq.”
Liam Thompson
Founder & CMO at INFORMED

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