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At the heart of our creative ethos lies the spirit of experimentation and the pursuit of the uncharted. We firmly believe that our avant-garde approach aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of modern business. Whether it's about devising an innovative solution or reimagining the conventional, we are here to help companies to compete and penetrate unexplored.

Here we work with ideas, objectives and raw data rather than with requirements. Journey with us as we guide you through this exploration and co-create groundbreaking designs that define tomorrow.
It's beneficial for companies that:
— Want to improve user experience
— Pivoting core objectives
— Overhaul legacy systems
— Embrace cultural shifts
— Seek experiential offerings and products
— Have vast unprocessed data
— Operate at the intersection of industries
— Restructuring after major setbacks
— Seek to foster brand loyalty
— Aim to align core values with audience

Why Discovery Design is essential for your business

In the rapidly evolving business world, staying ahead requires more than just adaptation; it demands foresight. This is where Discovery Design becomes invaluable. Rooted in a spirit of experimentation, this avant-garde approach delves deep to align your brand's core values with the dynamic needs of today's audience. It's not just about creating; it's about co-creating, reimagining the conventional, and crafting solutions that define the vanguard.

Why is it essential? Because in a market teeming with choices, Discovery Design ensures that your offerings don't just fit in, but stand out, resonating authentically and forging connections that last. It helps your business navigate and lead the change.

ettyq method

Fundamental digital transformations
Led by design thinking
Product first approach
Creativity + technical expertise + focus on business outcomes


Our approach is segmented into clear phases, ensuring your active participation throughout the journey.


Core Exploration

Every impactful design journey starts by understanding the heart of your business. In this phase, we immerse ourselves in your brand's landscape, objectives, and challenges. Through stakeholder interviews, workshops, and competitor analysis, we aim to understand what drives your brand and what sets it apart. This profound exploration ensures our design solutions are tailored, relevant, and strategic.


At the heart of every impactful design is a well-defined conception phase. In this stage, vision alignment occurs, with stakeholders contributing to ensure designs remain closely tethered to the brand's objectives. Teams gather for intensive brainstorming sessions, which, although a hotbed for creativity, can sometimes fall prey to 'groupthink'—an inclination towards uniformity over diverse thought. The challenge, and also the magic, lies in navigating these sessions, drawing out many ideas without becoming mired in conflicting opinions or settling prematurely.

Transitioning from brainstorming, the focus narrows to giving these ideas tangible form through sketches and wireframes, ensuring that each conceptualised design serves a specific use case. The art lies in differentiating constructive insights that enrich the design from mere personal preferences, providing a design blueprint that's both forward-thinking and firmly grounded.

Prototypes & Design

Ideas come to life in this phase. Based on the concepts approved, we develop interactive prototypes that offer a tangible feel of the final design. These navigable models visualise the user journey, ensuring stakeholders can see, feel, and provide early feedback on the design's direction.
We also create all designs needed to unlock customer empathy while being on the edge of a modern design.

Feedback-Driven Refinement

Armed with insights from the prototyping phase, designs undergo rigorous refinement. This stage is characterised by iterations driven by feedback from user testing, stakeholder reviews, and analytics. Each cycle ensures the procedure becomes more precise, user-friendly, and in tune with the target audience's needs.

(Development & Rollout)

Ready to move forward with what we've uncovered? We're here to help.

Each company is unique, so we've made this phase adaptable. Whether you have your team, use third-party developers, or need DataArt's expertise, we maintain the design's essence.

If full development isn't required, we focus on detailed design handovers, prepping your team for future implementation. When development is imminent, our tie-up with DataArt guarantees expert execution.

The rollout is tailored to your team's objectives and challenges. With open dialogue, we align with your timelines and strategies, ensuring a streamlined and effective rollout for everyone.

    Continuous Improvements

    The design journey doesn't end post-launch; it enters a phase of constant evolution. We analyse user behaviour, gather feedback, and track performance metrics, using these insights to make periodic enhancements. This commitment to ongoing improvement ensures that the design remains fresh, functional, and forward-thinking.

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    Our toolbox

    After Effects
    Affinity Designer
    3DS Max
    Cinema 4D


    Dive deep, discover new opportunities, and set a clear path forward. By the end, you'll have a roadmap ensuring all future designs and developments are aligned and effective. We're here to assist with the following steps whenever you're ready.
    Interviews Results (pdf)
    Competitor Analisys (sheets)
    User Journey Insights (pdf)
    Design Assets (Figma)
    Recommendation Blueprint (pdf)

    4 steps to kickstart with us


    Get in touch

    We're just a message away - reach out to discuss your business needs and goals.

    Discovery Meeting

    We'll arrange a meeting to detail objectives, timelines, and key deliverables. We set the roadmap together.

    Proposal & Discussion

    We'll provide a tailored proposal detailing our vision to tackle the project, its scope, timeline, and cost.


    Once agreed upon, we will meet for a kick-off workshop to start this journey.

    Design-driven growth & transformation awards

    European Agency of the Year
    European Design Award
    Red Dot Award
    European Agency of the Year
    European Agency of the Year


    What initial inputs do you require from us to kick off the Discovery Design journey?
    We understand that coming to us for Discovery Design means you might not have everything fleshed out yet. That's perfectly fine. This is what this service is all about. At the core, we require only your objectives or ideas and any potential directions or constraints you envision. We can embark on this exploratory journey with you even with these foundational snippets.
    How does Discovery Design navigate the balance between experimentation and business objectives?
    Discovery Design operates at the intersection of raw experimentation and targeted business outcomes. We delve into the vast, uncharted realms of creative exploration, actively seeking out-of-the-box solutions and groundbreaking insights. Yet, this pursuit is never aimless. It's always anchored to your overarching business objectives. We believe that genuine innovation arises from this dynamic balance
    How involved can our team be during the Discovery Design phase?
    Your involvement is welcomed and actively encouraged cause you know your business best. The more collaborative the process, the richer the insights. While we lead the exploration, we highly value checkpoints, feedback loops, and regular meetings with your team to ensure a harmonious blend of our expertise with your intimate knowledge of the brand and industry.
    How do you prioritise the insights from Discovery Design, especially when there are multiple viable directions?
    Prioritising insights in Discovery Design is both an art and a science. When multiple promising directions emerge, we deploy a multi-faceted approach to discern the optimal path. First, every insight undergoes a rigorous evaluation against your overarching business goals, ensuring that our direction has tangible relevance and potential ROI.

    Secondly, we consider the feasibility and scalability of each insight. Does it align with current industry trends and technologies? Can it be scaled appropriately to meet your long-term goals? These considerations help ensure that the direction chosen isn't just innovative and sustainable.

    Thirdly, we engage in collaborative sessions with your team. These discussions, leveraging your intimate understanding of your company's landscape, allow us to weigh the qualitative aspects of each direction. Factors like alignment with brand ethos, anticipated market reception, and internal capacities play pivotal roles.

    Lastly, potential risks associated with each direction are assessed. We look at the immediate challenges and forecast potential future obstacles. This risk assessment and the potential benefits help shape a balanced and informed decision.

    Throughout this prioritisation process, transparency and collaboration remain paramount. Regular feedback loops ensure all stakeholders have a voice, leading to a consensus-driven and strategically sound decision.
    Is there a risk that the Discovery Design process might not yield actionable insights or directions?
    While the very nature of exploration involves delving into the unknown, our systematic approach, combined with our expertise, dramatically minimises such risks. Even in scenarios where direct, actionable paths might not be immediately evident, the deeper understanding and perspective gained always prove invaluable in subsequent strategic decisions.

    Please, find all the detail in our Method

    What our clients say

    “Engaging with ettyq was a game-changer for us. The attention to detail and creative approach elevated our brand's essence. I can confidently say their work is nothing short of brilliant!”
    Sarang Rao
    Principal at Gulfstream Partners
    “ettyq was more than just a vendor for us; they've been a true partner in our business. Their design strategy was deeply integrated into all our operations and was crucial in driving our growth.”
    Rebecca Martinez
    CMO at Sure Inc.
    “Post-acquisition, ettyq played a pivotal role in our transformative phase. Their insights and expertise helped us formulate and articulate our brand narrative. The resulting design and strategic direction are deeply aligned with our new vision. I'm truly grateful we discovered and collaborated with ettyq.”
    Liam Thompson
    Founder & CMO at INFORMED

    The Group's Clients

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