We were driven to craft a distinctive brand experience for a financial institution with a deeper purpose: to provide tailored financial tools for teens and educate them on managing it using a respectful and engaging approach, treating them as equals, not kids.
Brand design & identity
Creative design
Design strategy
UI design
UX design
B2C companies, Finance, Scale-ups

While debit cards and banking tools for teens were slowly gaining traction, there needed to be more education on managing finances responsibly. So, this project is not just about another financial tool but about equipping teens with the knowledge to manage their finances effectively, preventing wasteful spending.

The challenge was creating a brand that parents would buy but teenagers would love and use. Even though parents are the ones buying, teens must want to use it, especially since they often want what their friends have. Considering what we know about how teens handle money and make choices, how did we make this work.

The vibrant orange backdrop signifies enthusiasm and creativity, making it appealing and trustworthy for the younger demographic.

Why we took this job

  • Genuine Alignment: We're in the business of blending ethics with aesthetics. This project allowed us to tap into that intersection, particularly given the dual audience of parents and teens. It fits our ethos.
  • Real Impact Potential: We prioritise projects where our design input can drive significant change. Given the nature of this challenge, we saw an opportunity to make a tangible difference, aligning with our track record of facilitating transformative journeys for our clients.
  • Complex Challenges Drive Us: At 'ettyq', we're driven by intricate problems. It is more complicated to cater to parents and teenagers, understand their nuanced needs, and deliver a solution that appeals to both. But it's precisely the kind of challenge that gets us going.
This colour palette exudes a vibrant and youthful energy, perfectly resonating with a teenage demographic. The blend of bright and pastel hues suggests a balance between fun and responsibility, reflecting the card's aim to empower teens with financial knowledge while allowing them to enjoy their spending. The mix of "Colourful and bright" elements emphasises the card's approachability, encouraging teens to embrace the excitement of financial independence and the importance of wise money management.

What we did

  • Design strategy
  • Design language
  • Brand platform and identity
  • Creative design
  • Official website and a mobile app
  • Digital and Physical Assets

Execution Highlights:

  • Harmonious Integration: We embark on a comprehensive journey, starting from design strategy, to transform a company's image and products in close collaboration with the client, ensuring a blend of business, engineering, and aesthetics in all digital aspects.
  • Design Thinking Leadership: Adopting a design thinking approach, we emphasise timeless principles and a continuous improvement methodology. We aim to consistently infuse a design language in all client touchpoints, making products adaptable to any scenario.
  • Product-Centric Excellence: By adopting a product-first approach, we emphasise short feedback loops and iterative improvements. Whether it's a digital product or brand identity, our focus on meticulous details, combined with methodologies like HADI and AAARRRR, ensures product-driven growth while maintaining attention to subtle challenges.


  • Increased Engagement: The app witnessed increased daily active users within the first three months post-launch.
  • Educational Uptake: most users interacted with the educational modules at least once a week, indicating a strong interest in financial literacy.
  • User Feedback: Surveys revealed a high satisfaction rate, with users particularly praising the integration of fun and education.

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